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Flake Floor Coating For Your Brisbane Garage

Installing an Epoxy flake floor coating is one of the best and most affordable ways of transforming a simple garage floor into a classier surface. Auto shops resort to flake flooring not only to enhance their garage floors’ aesthetic appeal, but to increase the durability of mthe floor and protect it from damage.

If you are still on the fence in regards to making the switch to Epoxy flake floor coating for your garage or shop, allow us to show you why this could be THE best decisions you'll ever make for your floors. Check out our tips for installing a long-lasting decorative flake floor coating for your garage.

What is flake coating?

Flake floor coating is a new multi-layered, fluid-applied coating technique that furnishes a flawless flooring semblance while providing a wear-resilient finish of your floor at the same time. Flake floor coats come in a wide array of ornamental colors, flake sizes, and textures, and can even be customised according to your blending preferences.

Generally, this new coating system is composed of flakes or chips suspended in an acrylic resin which disperses naturally in a serendipitous manner, creating an aesthetically pleasing impression. The whole procedure starts with an epoxy-based coating followed by the application of the decorative chips or flakes. Afterwards, polyurethane is applied to serve as topcoats.

Easy as ABC, you will be able to achieve a sophisticated gleaming look, while ensuring its durability against deterioration and effortlessly maintaining it. So if you are looking for easy flooring solutions for your garage, showroom, residence, or any establishments, flake coating is your best option.

Features & Advantages

The unique features of Flake coating provide numerous advantages that are widely acclaimed by builders such as architects, engineers, and other craftsmen. Here are some of them.

  • Flake floor coating system is strong and wear-resistant making it suitable for a garage or other busy environments.
  • Long-lasting. It can stand up to two decades or more if regularly cleaned and properly maintained.
  • Sustainable and pro-environment. Since it is long-lasting, it does not compromise too many resources making it eco-friendly.
  • Easy application and maintenance. The coating process takes only 3 simple steps and cleaning and maintenance is effortless.
  • Damage resistant. This coating product fends off dirt, oil, water, or even damages such as scratches or abrasions caused by chemicals or physical activities.
  • Slip-free. Flake coatings resist slides and fall due to their textured finish.
  • Ideal for uneven floor surfaces. Flake floor coatings can be applied over jagged or imperfect floor surfaces.
  • In terms of materials, installation, and maintenance, a flake floor system is a cost-effective floor solution.

Recommended use

There are numerous recommended environments where the seamless Flake Flooring System can be used. Typically, it includes but is not limited to the following residential, commercial, and industrial areas:

  • Garages and gyms
  • Offices and Showrooms
  • Retail shops and grocery stores
  • Health facilities and Laboratories
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Educational Facilities in Schools
  • Stadiums & Hallways
  • Warehouses and Shopping Centres
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes
  • Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other wet areas

Maintenance of Flake Flooring

To maintain the aesthetic beauty and protection offered by your flake flooring, here are some quick tips that you can follow.

  1. Since flake flooring is dirt resistant, dust mopping or sweeping it with a soft-bristled broom one to two times a week can readily maintain its cleanliness.
  2. Vacuum out debris from contraction joints monthly.
  3. Spot clean water spills by drying it up using a spongy cloth.
  4. When renewing the coats, ensure proper application of all layers of floor coating.
  5. Consider professional floor coating services to achieve the best decorative flake floor coating results when reconditioning.

Install Flake Flooring with Signature Substrates 

Use Flake floor coating for your garage and watch your flooring turn into a durable, appealing, and slip-free space for you and your family. But to ensure the success of the installation, make get the help of flooring experts like Signatures Substrates.

We offer concrete polishing, repair, and commercial coating applications across South East Queensland including Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Our business also offers other concrete services such as concrete sealing, concrete coating/finishing, concrete floor repairs, and floor stripping.

Call Signature Substrates at 0423 080 270 and get a flake floor coating for your garage today!

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