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Enhance Your Corporate Offices With Polished Concrete Floors in Brisbane or Gold Coast

Having a brightly lit lobby and office space makes your business appear more professional and welcoming. Natural light, of course, is the best way to bring out these properties. Having reflective surfaces in your office—particularly the floors—can make it seem like there is more natural light. Adding polished concrete floors to your Brisbane or Gold Coast office is one effective way to brighten up the workplace without spending more money on lighting.

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Using Polished Concrete Floors to Brighten Your Workspace

One of the many perks of polished concrete is its glorious shine. The process of mechanically polishing concrete makes it shiny and reflective without any need for an additional seal or protective coating. This increased reflectivity, in turn, catches the light coming off your fixtures or pouring through the windows, boosting the amount of ambient light in your space. The added brightness will enliven your employees, impress your visitors, and just generally make your office a more comfortable and approachable place.

Mood and morale boosts aren’t the only positive effects your business will enjoy from the brighter workspace that polished concrete floors can provide. On the contrary, at Signature Substrates, we’ve installed polished concrete floors for Gold Coast and Brisbane businesses that have gone on to save significant sums of money on electricity use. Just by using reflective surfaces to brighten your workspace, you can reduce your reliance on fluorescent lighting and other electric lighting fixtures. On a sunny day, you might not have to turn on the lights at all.

The Other Perks of Installing Polished Concrete

If you are considering polished concrete for your Gold Coast or Brisbane business, know that increased brightness and electricity savings are not the only perks. On the contrary, polished concrete flooring yields many other benefits, and only a few of them have anything to do with brightness and reflectivity.

Polished concrete flooring in officeFor instance, safety is a factor with polished concrete floors. Many highly reflective flooring types—including shiny tile floors and most waxed surfaces—are somewhat slippery, especially when they get wet. Polished concrete floors are slip resistant, which makes them safer in most settings.

Resistance to staining is another big reason to consider a polished concrete floor for your Brisbane or Gold Coast business. Mechanically polishing a concrete floor effectively seals it, making it very difficult for grease, oil, water, dirt or other contaminants to get into the pores of the concrete. As a result, polished concrete floors don’t stain easily. In fact, they are typically remarkably easy to clean. Plus, since nothing gets into the pores, they last longer and don’t need to be restored or replaced for many, many years after polishing.

Are you interested in polished concrete for your Brisbane or Gold Coast office building? At Signature Substrates, we would love the chance to speak with you about your project. We can even provide a price quote for our polished concrete services. Reach out to us today to start a conversation.

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