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We have years of experience when it comes to polishing concrete floors and we offer other concrete services such as concrete sealing, epoxy concrete coating/finishing, concrete floor repairs and floor stripping for residential, commercial and industrial flooring applications. 

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Professional Concrete Finishing Brisbane

Concrete finishing with an epoxy coating is an extremely popular option to transform the look and improve the function of your concrete floor.

Roll Coat Epoxy Finishes - Single, solid colour epoxy coating which comes in a range of colours and modern finishes. Ideal for commerecial/industrial indoor areas that need to be kept clean.

Flake Epoxy Finishes - Flake is an idael choice for coating cracked or damaged concrete to create a streamlined floor for high foot traffic areas or around machinery. The flake finish is protected by a high quality polyurethance epoxy making it durable for indoor or outdoor usage.

Screed Finishes - Epoxy screed coatings are often used for heavy-duty industrial areas as well as food environments. Screed is a hard wearing option with chemical resistance, slip resistance, a hygienic finish and can be an inexpensive alternative to installing wash bays on existing cement slabs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you apply a non-slip finish to a concrete floor?

Yes, an optional non-slip finish can be applied to epoxy floors; this is usually applied only to floors that are prone to being splashed with water.

Adding grip to your concrete will make the floor surface rougher. The rougher surface will make your mops wear out faster during cleaning but will produce non-slip finish that is safe when wet.

Can cracks and holes in a concrete floor be fixed with epoxy?

Cracks and holes in your concrete floor can be treated and filled with with an epoxy resin paste.

This is the most durable patching system currently available on the market for damaged concrete.

Can you put epoxy over existing paints or other floor coatings?

Yes - However we first need to strip the existing coatings/flooring prior to the application of an epoxy finish.

This is because the existing coatings will inhibit the epoxy from bonding to the concrete floor. The floor stripping process is completed using our state-of-the-art concrete grinders.

Does UV light damage epoxy?

Ultraviolet light (UV light) will cause epoxy finishes to turn yellow over time. We apply a layer of UV protection to all epoxy floors to greatly reduce the damage caused by sunlight.

Unfortuately, the reality is that exposure to the harsh Australian sun will cause most paints and coatings to fade over time.

Can seamless epoxy be laid over tiles?

Yes - It's possible to lay epoxy flooring over tiles, depending on the condition of the substrate and the tiles.

In most cases, we will still need to prepare the concrete by removing any existing floor coverings, glue or residue before an epoxy finish can be applied.


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