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6 Things You Need to Consider Before Coating Your Concrete Floor

There is a lot of information out there about concrete flooring and epoxy coatings, but this doesn't make it any less confusing. Which option is best? Which is most durable? Why would I choose one over the other? The answers to these questions really depend on your specific space and your desired result. Before making any decision, there are some important factors that you need to consider to ensure your project turns out how you hoped. 

Below we have included some important questions you need to ask yourself before proceeding with the installation of a new flooring.

1. What is on your floor right now?

Before thinking of the final look of your flooring, you need to consider first what's on your floors now. If you have paint, vinyl, or tiles on your concrete at present, then you will need to remove this completely or ground back for it to be uniform and porous or rough enough for an epoxy floor coating to form a long-lasting bond with the substrate.

At Signature Substrates, we provide a professional floor stripping service to help you prepare your floors prior to coating. 

2. Is the condition of your concrete ideal for epoxy floor coating?

The most common misconception is that all forms of concrete are the same. There are a lot of conditions that influence the final result of the concrete, which greatly impacts the final epoxy floor coating. These conditions include the amount of movement that the slab experiences, the craftsmanship of the people who were able to pour it, and the materials that were utilised within the slab.

The compressive strength, moisture levels in the air and beneath the surface, the temperature following the curing process, and the temperature during the curing procedure also affect the concrete condition. Here are some things you also need to ask when you are looking for concrete before thinking of the final epoxy floor coating:

  • Are there clear height differences on the floor?
  • Are there expansion joints in the slab?
  • Does moisture or any other liquid seep through the concrete?
  • Are there any noticeable divots or cracks in the floor?

3. What is your floor area?

You need to have at least a rough square meterage of the floor area that needs to be coated. You can look for a simple guide on how to determine the measurement of your floor area, especially if you do not have any idea on how to do it or if you do not have any equipment on hand to help you.

Upon acquisition of the final quotes for your flooring, someone needs to visit your home to measure accurately and inspect the floor carefully for any concerns that may arise.

4. What's your budget? 

This is regarded as one of the most important things to consider when getting a quote. Always consider that price reflects the lifespan and performance of the product in this particular sector. Be careful with paint and epoxy coatings that have a stock-standard price for every square meter.

The challenge of installing chemical-reactive flooring makes it virtually impossible to have any type of 'one-size-fits-all' alternative. If you are using an 'off-the-shelf' option, chances are that you can save a few dollars at the moment, but you will not have the performance and longevity of a fixed concrete coating system. You may also consider customised quotes for your floor coating.

epoxy floor coating

5. How will your epoxy floor be utilised?

One of the more exceptional aspects of concrete floor coatings like polyurea, polyaspartic, polyurethanes, epoxies, and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) is its high versatility and its personalisation ability to be custom-fit to your requirements. Such requirements will impact the type of floor coating you need.

Here are a few questions that you need to ask:

  • What is your purpose for the long-term utilisation of the floor?
  • Do drains exist? Do they have falls or do you need falls to drains to be made? How many drains should be there and what type of drain are they?
  • What type of vehicle/foot traffic are you anticipating?
  • Will there be strong chemicals that will possibly spill on the floor?
  • Do you require your floor to be HACCP-accredited or food-safe?
  • Do you require line or safety markings on your floor?
  • Do you need the floor to be non-slippery?
  • Will the floor be in contact with high volumes of water like rain or wash-downs?
  • Will direct sunlight penetrate the window and hit the floor directly?

All such factors affect the amount of resin that will be needed, specifically in terms of drains or falls. Other factors include the type of resin needed and the additives that are involved since not all additives can work well with each other. Sometimes, such additives can be free of charge, yet do not come stock-standard. Thus, ensure that you clarify such aspects. View more benefits of Epoxy flooring.

6. How much downtime do you need?

The more time that you can manage to close down your space, the more alternatives are open for you. You also need to take into consideration the curing times. Some of the coatings need to completely cure for about a week, with light utilisation after a few days.

Some coatings however, like sudden curing resins, may take as little as an hour. If you disregard the curing times, there is no guarantee that the factory instructions will not be ignored as well. Thus, the key to avoiding this kind of letdown is to rigidly follow the directions for the curing of epoxy resins and paints, making sure that you have sufficient downtime.

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