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Could Your Industrial Business Benefit from a Clear Epoxy Floor Coating Service?

Every company has its challenges, but one thing they all have in common is a duty to keep employees and visitors safe at all times. Preventable accidents could cost your business thousands of dollars, and industrial settings contain lots of trip and fall hazards. Chemical and oil spills, stains, moisture, and obstructions can all cause workplace injuries, and that’s assuming your concrete flooring remains in excellent condition with zero cracks and holes. Fortunately, there is an easy way to enhance the durability of your floors and make them safer for visitors, and that’s with epoxy flooring.

Concrete is a desirable construction material because it is long-lasting and affordable, but small cracks can start to appear relatively quickly, especially with floors. By coating your floors in epoxy, you can prevent chemicals and spills from damaging the concrete underneath, and epoxy itself is a highly durable material that puts up stiff resistance to things that concrete can struggle to withstand. If you want to maintain your flooring’s current appearance, you can opt for a clear epoxy resin floor, and there’s no better company to trust for the installation than us.

At Signature Substrates, we’re a new and bold company with a mission to provide residential, commercial, and industrial clients with the most hard-wearing and high-value concrete floor sealing solutions available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast, and the quality of our services can only be rivalled by our standard of customer care. We have a broad range of sealing options, from clear epoxy to polished concrete finishes, and we ensure our clients receive the most suitable solution by taking the time to understand their exact requirements. Despite there being many useful concrete finishing options, clear epoxy is the perfect choice for a variety of purposes due to the reasons detailed below.

The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

From improving the appearance of your industrial unit to helping you create a safe working environment, some of the primary benefits of industrial epoxy flooring include:

  • Bolstered Appearance: Epoxy is available in an extensive range of designs and colours, meaning there’s something to complement every workplace’s look. Alternatively, you can keep your floors’ current style intact by requesting clear epoxy. We’ll help you find a concrete finish that matches your preferences.
  • Improved Durability: Concrete, while durable, can damage due to oil and chemical spills, foot traffic and heavy impacts, and the cost of repairs varies depending on the severity of the problems. Epoxy is waterproof, resistant to many abrasive chemicals and highly durable, promising to last for years as well as keep your concrete floors intact.
  • Increased Safety: By reducing the risk of cracked concrete and minimising the number of hazards in your industrial workplace, you can contribute to your duty of employee and visitor safety.

Find out If Epoxy Flooring is Right for You

As a service provider that puts the satisfaction of our clients above else, we employ highly experienced professionals that can help you find the best concrete finishing solution for your needs. Call us today on 0423 080 270 to learn more about our clear epoxy floor coating service in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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