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If you are thinking about concrete flooring for your home or business, consider working with us. We offer concrete cutting, concrete grinding, and concrete sealing services on the Sunshine Coast. These three services combined can provide you with the perfect concrete solutions for your flooring.

Concrete Cutting, Grinding and Sealing: The Process of Getting the Right Look

Grinding concrete floors BrisbaneThe first step in achieving the perfect concrete floor starts with the cutting and grinding process. To prepare the concrete for sealing—and to ensure an attractive aesthetic—we need to grind away the top layer. Before the cutting and grinding process, a slab of concrete will look more or less like a garage floor or a section of footpath. Most home or business owners are looking for something that looks far better than this though, hence the need for concrete cutting.

By grinding away the top layer of concrete, Signature Substrates can get rid of that dull, industrial aesthetic. Cutting and grinding reveals more stone and changes the texture and aesthetic of the concrete significantly. How much grinding is necessary depends on the customer. More grinding will show more stone, while less will give a more uniform look. Neither option is ‘right’ nor ‘wrong’; it merely comes down to preference.

Once we obtain the right level of stone visibility, we move on to step two: more grinding! The initial cutting and grinding process leaves visible scratch marks on the stone. The second stage grinds and buffs the scratches away, leaving behind a smooth and flat surface that looks great. During the pre-sealing phase, it is also possible to dye the concrete to get a custom colour, but doing so isn’t required. Grouting is another optional step at this stage, one that can yield smoother and shinier results. polishing machine signature substrates

With the right aesthetic finally achieved, we move on to the seal. Our concrete sealing services provide your concrete floor with a protective coat. It makes it so the concrete won’t be porous, which extends its life and prevents the build-up of bacteria, mould or other junk. The non-porous nature of the finish also makes the surface easy to clean. Dirt, food, liquids and anything else that might end up on the floor will just sit on top of the seal coat instead of seeping into the concrete itself.

Of course, the sealing process can also impact the floor's aesthetic, to a point. At Signature Substrates, our concrete sealing options include matte, semi-gloss, and high gloss. You get to choose the finish, depending on which style you like best.

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