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Benefits of Epoxy Finished Concrete Flooring in Brisbane

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Concrete flooring does not often get the attention it deserves. It’s a shame considering all the decorative and functional finishes that are available for concrete floors of all types.

Thankfully, concrete is gaining some visibility and much-needed appreciation in the home and commercial settings, as more people turn to this type of flooring as a durable and versatile solution.

Read on to discover how we can install head-turning epoxy finished concrete for your Brisbane home or business.


The Benefits of Getting an Epoxy Coating

Concrete floor epoxy is commonly used in Brisbane businesses because it is more appropriate and more cost-effective than using other flooring types such as tiles or timber.

They are a great way to enhance the look of non-treated concrete in a variety of settings, from workshops to high-end showrooms, and you can find them in a vast array of colours.

Multi-coloured chips or decorative quartz may also be used to accent and add sparkle to Epoxy flooring. Because of this, many businesses choose concrete floor epoxy for their flooring to dress up the more utilitarian feel of bare concrete.

Epoxy Screed resins are an ideal floor coating for heavy-duty industrial areas as well as food environments and can be an inexpensive alternative to installing wash bays in existing concrete slabs. 

Some homeowners may opt for epoxy coatings for their concrete as well. This is particularly prevalent in areas where concrete flooring already exists, such as the garage or outdoor patio.

It has been especially true in recent years, as epoxy coatings in Brisbane have gained popularity within residential settings. With its beautiful lustre and durability, it is easy to see the appeal of epoxy coated concrete in your home.

While wear-resistant epoxy surfaces work particularly well for areas like the garage, selecting the right epoxy finish to match your home’s style can add a timeless and classic look to almost any room in the house.


Get Epoxy Floor Coating in Brisbane

Whether you are interested in getting an epoxy floor covering done as a home renovation project, or you are an architect or designer interested in adding style to an otherwise drab site, Signature Substrates is a name you can trust for epoxy coatings in Brisbane.

We have a passion for working with concrete in all its forms and are a fresh face in the decorative concrete finishes industry, with the latest technology available to create a distinctive concrete epoxy coating for your Brisbane home or business.

Servicing Brisbane & Greater Southeast Queensland

Our professionals cover the entire southeast Queensland area, providing flooring services to the Brisbane region, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and out to Toowoomba.

When you hire us to install your epoxy floor coating at your home or business, we will work with you to select the right product that will meet your requirements and budget.

Our epoxy flooring applications are high-quality and intended to last the test of time so that they withstand their intended purpose for many years to come. We stand by our workmanship and take care of you and your project with the utmost professionalism. 

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