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Three Reasons to Contact a Professional Service for Concrete Sealing

Concrete is abundant the world over, and it’s used to construct walls, floors, and entire structures. Concrete has remained a favourite material with builders for decades because it’s durable, readily available, affordable, and long-lasting, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage.

Floors, such as driveways and industrial floors, receive lots of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and all that wear and tear will eventually lead to cracks, holes, and discolouration. If you want to extend the lifespan of your floors by years, consider calling a professional for concrete sealing services.

Types of Concrete Sealers

There are lots of concrete sealers available that all serve different purposes, but we can break them down into three primary categories:

  • Penetrating: Penetrating sealers create a chemical barrier in the concrete’s substrate, the layer just beneath the surface.
  • Topical: Topical sealers form a protective layer on the surface of concrete.
  • Integral: An integral sealer is added to the concrete mix before the construction of a structure, wall, or floor, which means the sealing begins from the second the concrete starts to cure.

At Signature Substrates, our mission is to provide commercial and residential clients on the Gold Coast and beyond with an affordable yet quality service the likes of which the area hasn’t previously been able to access. Despite our competitive prices, we work with the industry’s leading manufacturers because we only use materials that have earned our seal of approval. Keep reading below to learn why concrete sealers are advantageous.

The Benefits of Concrete Sealing

Whether it’s a driveway, industrial premises or garage floor, concrete sealers can extend the lifespan of your surfaces by years, and that’s just one reason why our service is a worthwhile investment. Here are the primary advantages associated with concrete sealing on the Gold Coast:

  • Inhibits Mould: Because concrete is porous, it absorbs moisture efficiently, and if moisture takes too long to dry, or your surfaces are wet for a long time, mould growth can soon follow. Fortunately, you can inhibit the growth of mould by having your concrete sealed professionally.
  • Improved Durability: Scaling and cracking can occur when you expose concrete to the elements, and such damages can both ruin the aesthetic appeal of your surface as well as lead to further problems. A sealer improves your concrete’s resistance to heavy rainfall.
  • Stain Protection: It’s far from rare for oil spills to start appearing on floors that accommodate vehicles, whether it’s a driveway or an industrial unit. Fortunately, our sealers can protect your surfaces from stains, oil spills and even UV rays.

Learn More about the Benefits of Concrete Sealing

At Signature Substrates, our highly trained professionals will listen to your requirements and then recommend the best service for you, and you can trust us to seal your concrete to the highest industry standards. If you want to make your floors appear unique while bolstering their durability, then we’re the company to call - 0423 080 270.

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