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If your home or business has concrete floors, investing in concrete grinding services can be an excellent way to restore their look, feel and texture. Perhaps your concrete floor is looking a little bit drab and dull, or maybe you just want a more unique exposed stone aesthetic. Either way, concrete grinding is an effective way to get the kind of floor you want for an affordable price. At Signature Substrates, we provide concrete grinding services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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The Benefits of Concrete Grinding

If you are thinking about concrete grinding for your home or business, you may be considering a few other options—such as polished concrete, epoxy flooring or even hardwood. Here are the major benefits you can expect from a grinded concrete floor:

  • Affordability: Particularly if you want to give your home or business a makeover, grinded concrete is an effective way to do so without spending an arm and a leg. If you already have a concrete floor, then investing in concrete grinding means you are just paying for a service—not an entirely new floor. Your existing concrete floor remains the substrate or base for the new one. You don’t have to remove the existing floor or pay for materials to build the new one. Instead, Signature Substrates simply grinds away the top layer of your concrete floor. This process reveals a new exposed stone look and smooths out your floor. It essentially unlocks the favourable properties that are already there in your floor—they are just hidden beneath a drab surface layer of concrete. Grinding is also less expensive than polished concrete.
  • Aesthetic: At Signature Substrates, many of our Brisbane customers who request concrete grinding services do so because they want a new look for their homes or businesses. Grinding concrete can reveal a lovely exposed stone aesthetic that isn’t so different from granite or other smoothed out stone surfaces. We can customise the amount of concrete grinding we do, to get the level of stone exposure that you want.
  • Speed: Concrete grinding takes a lot less time than removing existing flooring and replacing it with something new. It is arguably the quickest way possible to get a beautiful, new-looking floor—so long as you have an existing concrete floor. The process also doesn’t produce as much waste as installing a new tile or hardwood floor does, which is terrific if you are concerned about sustainable, eco-friendly operations.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Whether the task involves mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, or scrubbing, no one likes cleaning their floor. A concrete flooring option means you get a floor that is remarkably easy to keep clean.

Learn More about Our Concrete Grinding Services

Are you interested in seeing the benefits of grinded concrete floors firsthand? To learn more about our concrete grinding services in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, reach out to Signature Substrates today. We’d be happy to tell you a little more about our services and why they might be right for you.

Where to Find Reliable Concrete Grinding Services

Signature SubstratesOver time, cracks and potholes start to appear on concrete surfaces, and in most cases, such problems are relatively straightforward to remedy. However, in more severe situations, you might notice that your floors appear to have sunk or become uneven in specific areas, and those problems are a little more challenging to solve. The best way to delay concrete damages and the need for repairs is to treat your concrete floors by sealing them or covering them in a material such as epoxy. However, you might require concrete grinding before you can seal your floors.

Trained professionals use specialised equipment to grind concrete, but you need to search diligently for the best services in your area. Shoddy workmanship and improper initial concrete installations can lead to numerous problems, which means finding a company for concrete grinding that does the job right the first time is a necessity. Fortunately, if you live in the Gold Coast area or in Brisbane, you can trust our seasoned professionals to grind your concrete to the highest standards, priming your floors for sealing, painting, or finishing in any other way.

At Signature Substrates, we’ve set out to provide commercial, residential, and industrial clients in South East Queensland with affordable and high-quality concrete sealing, finishing and treating solutions. We can help protect the floors of your garage, driveway, or industrial unit against damages and degradation, and because we train all our professionals to the highest standards, there’s no better company to contact for concrete grinding services in Brisbane than us. Below, we explain the benefits of sealing your concrete, and you’ll soon see how grinding helps guarantee optimal results.

What’s the Need for Concrete Grinding?

If there are any small cracks, uneven surfaces, or signs of damage in your floors or other concrete structures, it’s highly likely they’ll need grinding before sealing is possible. However, should you decide to invest in our services, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Stiffened resistance to chemical and oil spills: By sealing your industrial unit’s concrete floors, you can ensure that chemical and oil spills don’t result in damaged concrete, which could be costly to repair. Also, with many waterproof sealants available, you can minimise the risk of your floors sustaining water damage.
  • Inhibited mould growth: Concrete surfaces that frequently come into contact with water can spur the growth of mould, which is hazardous to human health. We have sealers that inhibit the growth of mould, helping you maintain a safe environment.
  • Extend the lifespan of your concrete surfaces: Thanks to minimising the risk of your concrete floors sustaining damages and bolstering their resistance to chemical and oil spills, our concrete grinding and sealing solutions can increase your flooring’s durability significantly.

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