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Polished concrete is shaping up to be the trend of choice for almost any application, from garages and warehouses to in the home and kitchen. Polished concrete offers a versatility and durability that is hard to look past and Signature Substrates are at the forefront of this technique. Ask for a consultation with our dedicated team today and get that ultimate finish on your next project.

We use a variety of tried and tested processes in order to get the look you want, typically grinding the concrete surface with a heavy, high torque machine using varying levels of coarse to fine diamond segments. The machines used are accompanied by a high horsepower, dustless vacuum system which creates a clean, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly process. The result is a strong, decorative, easy to clean, low maintenance floor available in matte, semi-gloss and gloss finishes.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Efflorescence Reduction
The process of grinding, densifying and polishing the surface to eliminate dust from efflorescence that may cause many epoxies and coatings to fail.

Non Porous
The process of densifying and polishing to tighten the molecular structure of the concrete. This reduces porosity protecting the surface from water, oil, chemicals, grease and heat.

Strength Increased
Densification to increase strength and long-term performance.

Enhanced Light Reflection
Polishing/closing the pores in the concrete causing light to reflect off the surface.

Colour Enhancement
A reflective surface allows wall colours into the surface enhancing the decorative appearance.

Return To Service Immediately
There is no need to wait to use. Floors can be used as soon as complete.

Environmentally Friendly
Polished concrete is eco-friendly. There are no VOC’s.

Grind and seal polished concrete is a budget-friendly alternative to mechanically polished concrete (MPC). The concrete is ground to remove any surface contaminants and to expose the aggregate. The finished product has a similar look to MPC but the shine or gloss is from the sealer only. When you have a large space and want to dress things up on a budget this is a great option. With any sealed floor, the top coat is sacrificial – these floors will require maintenance. The general rule of thumb for a coated floor is 5-6 years. After this time the surface will need to be re-sealed. Signature Substrates offers a large range of suitable sealers including solvent and water-based options.

When it comes to having your existing or new concrete surface polished, Signature Substrates is determined to deliver the best quality and service!

Improve Your Brisbane Home or Office with Pristine Polished Concrete Floors by Signature Substrates

During the process of renovating a home or an office building, there are many challenging decisions to make along the way. For any homeowner or business manager, flooring is often one of the most daunting hurdles to clear. Many considerations go into choosing flooring, from cost to durability. That’s especially so when you’ve been tasked with selecting floors for an area that sees a high amount of foot traffic or a substantial potential for wear and tear. The floors must be able to stand up to tough conditions while continuing to look good for years. No one wants to replace flooring every few years as one would do with carpeting in a rental unit, for example.

While hardwood floors are a popular option, their expense often put them out of reach for some projects, and their limitations make them a poor choice for others. Did you know you can achieve the same level of sophistication and long-term durability with polished concrete floors? Many Brisbane homes and businesses now use this excellent alternative option. Whether you have an existing slab, or you plan to pour anew during the renovation process, Signature Substrates can help to execute your vision while offering a superior service. Besides being kinder to your budget, it comes with many other advantages as well. What are they?

Why choose polished concrete in Brisbane?

First, these floors can offer some energy advantages depending on their placement on the property. Concrete has excellent thermal properties. Using polished concrete in Brisbane in rooms where it can absorb sunlight will allow it to retain that warmth and release it overnight. Likewise, if kept in the shade, it can help to keep rooms cooler throughout the day. Apart from these benefits, these floors are also less likely to suffer from irreversible damage and require only a low amount of maintenance over their lifetime.

Finally, versatility is a significant advantage, too. While we can offer several choices for polishing an existing slab, we can provide many potential visual options when you pour a new slab such as during a renovation. Through dyes and coatings, we can create spaces that have an attractive visual element to rival even the best hardwood floors.

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When you must find a flooring solution for a renovation that makes sense and looks incredible at the same time, choosing polished concrete for your Gold Coast property is an excellent solution. At Signature Substrates, our passion for a job well done is right in our name. We chose the word “signature” because of our distinctive, eye-catching, and customisable finished surfaces. “Substrate” does not just refer to a core component of concrete — it can also represent a foundation from which other things can grow. Taken together, we work to create floors that allow your rooms to become something more. To uncover how we can achieve that for your project, reach out to our professional team.

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